JP Bio

1959 – born  in Far Rockaway: what were the odds?   "Day job" –  Associate Professor at The Sonic Art Center @ CCNY.

Some Relevant Stuff

Ongoing: Writer, arranger, producer, recording and mixing engineer, piano and keyboard player, Jon Perl's Dark Light:   A collection of eclectic songs about real stuff, not kid stuff.

Co-producer, sound design and mixed all songs on Cyborg Asylum's first full-length album Never Finished, Only Abandoned.

Composed and recorded cues for the Buzz music library: Crimes' Whys, Message Received, Nightsteps.

Mixed 12-song album  Middle East Cinematic.  Composer Dave Varga, in the Buzz  music library.

Consulting and tech guru on all MIDI and samples for the score and recording of Joe Bertolozzi's Tower Music.

Created all sound design and sonifications for the Polar Seeds project.  Currently part of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) exhibit H2O Today, on display at the Greeley Museum and other spaces.  From a year-long interdisciplinary project with Earth and Atmospheric scientist Marco Tedesco.

Recording Engineer on two Wunmi EPs:  Don't Look Away/Emergency & Fit Body.

Recording Engineer on the album Jeremy Mage and the Magi.

Recording and mixing: James Hurt, unreleased album.

Co-wrote, co-arranged and co-produced Wired Planet with Joseph Briggs.  Played keys and piano on all tracks. 

Co-founder, NY Logic Pro Users Group and Mac Audio Trainers.

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