What's a Darklight Song? Who's responsible?

Jonathan Perl, livin' in New Paltz, NY.  Songwriter, keyboard player, music producer.

Darklight Songs is the project I've been waiting to do!  And now I am!  It's the songs of my real life and the lives of those around me, inside and out.   How it feels...   Check out the songs on the Music page.  

My songs need a home!  Contact me about covering, licensing, or remixing any Darklight Songs!

I hope some of the songs resonate with you!


What 2 dozen songs?   As of 10.7.17, there are a dozen mixed songs available, with another dozen in production.  You can hear the songs that are still in production here.

Wanna get Darklight Songs, know when will they be available, or  see me live/solo?   Contact me.   Please get on the email  list below to receive (occasional) notifications about live performances or releases.

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