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  1. Home

No you can’t go back, but the need for home is pretty much at the top of the evolutionary list, right below food and shelter. Finding our way home is the journey of a lifetime.

Matt Whyte - Vocals
Jonathan Perl - Piano
Jerry Barnes - Bass
Ralph Rolle - Drums
Bass and Drums recorded at the Power Station, NYC, Roy Hendrickson, engineer.


Where do we come from
Where do we go
I wanna feel my life go by deep and slow
Don’t wanna hide from
Currents that flow
Feel like it’s real, and not some stupid passing show.

I wanna hear your
Voice that is true
I wanna see the parts essentially you
I want to love you
With all of the dirt
Don’t want to close right down because I’ve been so hurt

Why, mmmm, why…
But I don’t know why.

I am a creature
Given a task
Live out my nature best I can, don’t have to ask
Years that I wandered,
Feeling alone
Fear that I’ve squandered precious time, but now I am home, I am

Home, mmmm, home…
But you can’t go home.

Now is the darkness
Now is the dawn
Another chapter in this crazy trip we’re on
Give me a minute
Give me a day
I can keep myself together if you say - we are

Home, mmmm, home…
But you can’t go home.

Home, mmmm, home, mmmm.
Home, mmmm, home …
But you can’t go home.